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The 2021American Journal of Law & Medicinesymposium will be titled, Reproductive Health Policy. This is an open call for papers from any academic perspective, including, but not limited to, law, public health, medicine, economics, bioethics, history, and anthropology. Visit our newest section of the website, entitled Forthcoming ‘Hot’ Works. Some articles we accept for publication have special potential to contribute to law or policy debates that are likely to heat up faster than we can move manuscripts into print.

Second-and this reason conceives of the poor as agents rather than as victims-lasting institutional change depends on a more empowered polity. Of course, we’re talking about the special features of the Israeli society, the kind of internal group tensions within the Israeli society. They are indeed intense and complex in a way that makes them quite unique. But the debate about the role of the court in ideological issues is a huge debate in the US as well, despite the fact that the US has a clear formal Constitution.

Her future goal is to attend law school, where she will focus on international law. Upon law school graduation, she dreams of becoming an international attorney and a diplomat. State Department’s cultural diplomacy strategy for the nation-branding of the 2028 LA Olympics. Guided by top faculty members at the University of Southern California, papers selected for publication undergo a rigorous editing process by undergraduate students at USC to ensure that each paper is of the highest quality.

The USC Journal of Law and Society carefully considers all submissions that it receives on a rolling basis. Our selection process ensures that every paper is thoroughly and collaboratively reviewed, though papers submitted before the final deadline are given first consideration. The Journal of Law and Society seeks to publish papers from a wide range of disciplines that reflect diverse viewpoints, and strives to promote greater awareness and understanding of the legal field. Professor Shane is set to direct first major news and society study in 40 years. Canadian Journal of Law and Society / Revue canadienne droit et société seeks to promote and publish original research on law and normative orders understood as social phenomena.

Gender Studies Collection provides balanced coverage of this significant aspect of culture and society. The database offers access to scholarly journals and magazines covering topics including gender studies, family and marital issues, and more. Political Science Database gives users access to hundreds of leading political science, public policy, and international relations journals. It also includes thousands of recent full-text doctoral dissertations on political science topics, together with working papers, conference proceedings, country reports, policy papers and other sources. The Asian Journal of Law and Society adds an increasingly important Asian perspective to global law and society scholarship. Its coverage of Asia is broad and stretches from East Asia, South Asia and South East Asia to Central Asia.

JLS also will publish a symposium issue that includes articles from participants of the JLS’s annual symposium. It produces an annual special issue, which is also published in book form. Established as the leading British periodical for socio-legal studies, the Journal of Law and Society offers an interdisciplinary approach. It is committed to achieving a broad international appeal, attracting contributions and addressing issues from a range of legal cultures, as well as theoretical concerns of cross-cultural interest.

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