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Nonetheless, I do not think that the remedy to this situation is to expect the court to nullify all these laws as unconstitutional and inconsistent with human rights. If the court did that, it would just reinforce the criticism that it is not really deferential to the legislature. I am happy to say that the court itself is slowly moving in the former direction. The Journal of Law and Social Change is a student-run journal and seminar committed to interdisciplinary scholarship addressing social, racial, and economic justice. JLASC is unique among Law School journals both in its mission and its democratic article selection process. All journal members participate in decision-making by collectively reviewing, selecting, and editing each piece of scholarship.

I believe his analysis does not give sufficient weight to the Arab challenge to the possibility that a Jewish nation state can be justified. And I believe he does not see sufficiently clearly that the internal Jewish debate has changed. It is no longer secular liberal Zionist Jews vs. religious Jews who want Israel to be a Jewish theocracy. Part of the intensity of the internal Jewish debate is the fact that some of the “old hegemons” now sound as if they do not stand any longer for any version of a Jewish state, even if it is only a national and cultural one and unrelated to seeing religious Jewish law as binding. In other words, the Jewish community in Israel lost the shared knowledge that despite our differences on what the Jewishness of the state is, we all stand behind the state as the national home of Jews. Ironically, and significantly, the secular liberal taking to a non-Zionist perspective is coupled with the rise of the power of the ultra-religious with their anti-national perspective on the necessity or legitimacy of the state.

Similarly, within the state, the internal Jewish debate about the nature and the meaning of the Jewishness of the state addresses only those positions represented within Israeli society. Finally, the fact that in Israel more than 60 percent of the population is now not of Western origin makes it hard for Israel to maintain, in terms of culture, a clearly western attitude. A review dedicated to the socio-legal, inter-disciplinary, critical and theoretical study of law. The special issue is a collection of articles dedicated to one chosen topic within the scope of the journal.

There are many aspects of Israeli politics and legislative action that I dislike and criticize, now more than before. This is not due to a weakness in freedom of expression or in the intensity of public debate and criticism. The debates are powerful, and they often lead to either a significant reform of bills or to a decision not to enact them at all.

Covers literature related to research, policy and practice in criminal and juvenile justice and drug control. Includes U.S. and international publications — federal, state and local government reports — books, research reports, journal articles, audiovisual presentations and unpublished research. Any journal impact factor or scientometric indicator alone will not give you the full picture of a science journal. That’s why every year, scholars review current metrics to improve upon them and sometimes come up with new ones.

The late Stephen Eberhard and former Senator and Secretary of Energy E. Spencer Abraham founded the journal forty years ago and many journal alumni have risen to prominent legal positions in the government and at the nation’s top law firms. Prior to beginning her career as a law professor, Professor Gómez clerked for Judge Dorothy W. Nelson on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ( ) and worked as a legislative aide to U.S. Senator Jeff Bingaman of New Mexico ( ), with a portfolio that included Central American policy, South African policy, and Armed Services .

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